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Case Study: Fixing Our Client's Uneven, Shifting, and Cracking Concrete


The Problem: Our client's garage floor was in disrepair. The house was approximately 25 years old and as the land shifted the concrete cracked, causing water leakage into the basement apartment below the garage. Before coming to us, this client tried several short term fixes that did not pan out. They asked a large renovation firm for help, but they directed them to us because they thought we would be able to do a better job in a small residential home. 



Our Response: Upon visiting the house and assessing the damage, we decided to implement an epoxy waterproofing system that would even out the cracked, uneven floor and stop the water damage. Essentially what we did was lay down a level of waterproof overlay on a steady incline from the back of the garage to the front. This process evened out the damaged concrete floor and also filled in the cracks to prevent water from further seeping into the foundation and basement apartment. This process costs about half of what it would cost to replace the entire concrete floor. We also built our client a brand new cabinet system to help him organize his garage. All of the work we did included a ten year warranty.


Result/Impact of Our Work: Our client was extremely pleased with out work. He always gets compliments on his new cabinet system and has found that it forced him to organize his garage, which has given him much more use out of the space. The floor is truly waterproof and has stopped all leaking into the basement and foundation. The floor wipes clean easily and its non-slip surface works and looks great


Comments on Our Work: "The Garage Enhancements team was very efficient, hard working, and on time. They are truly a great team of people. They estimated a deadline and they stuck to it to a tee. They provide an excellent service for a price that you can't beat and Lawrence (the owner) is still coming around to check up on little things around the garage. He truly goes above and beyond the call of duty."



If your garage is suffering from a similar problem be sure to call us and we will give you a free estimate on your project. If you need help determining the extent of the damage to you floor click here. For more information about the benefits of an epoxy coating click here and for more information about the process of installing an epoxy coating click here.














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