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Why is My Porch Cracking?


All concrete buildings are subject to eventual cracks and chips, and porches are no exception. While this is a natural part of the process of being exposed to the elements it can still be frustrating to watch your front porch deteriorate. Fortunately there are ways to prevent this from happening and ways to repair your porch if it does happen.





First of all, you need to discern whether the cracks in your porch are serious or not. Typically cracks in your porch don't mean that there are foundational issues but there's always a risk that they could be a sign of more serious damage. First, you need to determine whether you have surface imperfections or structural issues. There are two generic types of cracks that you will find in your porch:


  •       Hairline (also known as Spider-Web)
  •      Most common kind of crack in concrete
  •      Less than one-eighth inch wide
  •      (Usually) less than eighteen inches in length
  •       Major (also known as Real)
  •      More than one-eight inch wide
  •      More than eighteen inches in length
  •      Unusually shaped (v-shaped, straight horizontal, straight vertical, stair steps)
  •      Unusual locations
  •      Excessive in number

    If the cracks in your porch meet the description of a Major crack you need to seek additional, professional evaluation from an expert in foundations and structures. If this is not the case then there are a number of questions you probably we have that we can answer:


    How did those cracks get there?

      • Part of it has to do with the content of the concrete mix
      • In colder climates water will seep into the pores of the concrete and freeze in it causing the concrete to crack
        • The higher the clay content in the concrete the more likely cracks will form

      For a more detailed explanation of why and how this happens click here.


      How do I get rid of them?

      • Call in the professionals at Garage Enhancement to assess the cracks your porch has
      • Depending on the types of cracks your porch is suffering from we will suggest some of the following options
        • An epoxy sealant to repair and protect your porch from further damage
        •  A low-pressure crack injection
        • Polyurethane caulking
        • A complete replacement of your current concrete

      For a more detailed explanation of how this works click here.


      Whenever you're dealing with cracks in concrete you need to make sure that you handle it with care. There is always a chance that there could be a foundational issue that will only get worse and cause serious damage down the road. Always seek professional assistance in diagnosing and assessing the cracks that you have in your concrete porches. While it might turn out that the cracks are simply an aesthetic issue with a simple fix, it's not worth risking that it might be something more serious.


      Contact us today to get a free estimate with us at Garage Enhancements to find out how we can help you solve all your concrete porch problems.












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